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Od maja 2016 prowadzę własny program Mysore w pięknej przestrzeni Yoga Raum w Lucernie. Zapraszam w odwiedziny do pięknej Szwajcarii!

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Workshop «Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga», Living Yoga Luzern

Saturday, 27.02.2016, 11.15-13.45,

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic practice in which students perform a set sequence of poses that are practiced with energizing breathing.

The workshop will focus on explaining the basic rules of Ashtanga Yoga. You will learn how to connect the breath, the movement, and the point of focus so that your practice will not only develop your strength and flexibility, but will also work on your mind’s focus and internal peace. Together we will work on the beginning of Primary Series, which provides a solid foundation for your practice. You will be able to ask your questions regarding the practice and Mysore style of teaching.

The workshop is meant both for beginners and for more advanced students who want to review the basics of Ashtanga.

More details: Living Yoga Workshops

«1% theory.» – Introduction to Yoga Philosophy 

Pattabhi Jois used to say that «Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory». These classes are here to help you to understand how yoga works, how to practice to get the most out of it and how to apply yoga in your daily life. After a short introduction you will have an opportunity to ask your questions regarding the practice.

The classes are held at Living Yoga every first Tuesday of the month. Upcoming dates in 2016:
Tuesday, 2nd of February, 20:45 to 21:15
Tuesday, 1st of March, 20:45 to 21:15

This is going to be a special weekend for Ashtangis at Living Yoga in Luzern! 

– Friday, 20.03, 19.15: Movie Night «Mysore Magic»
– Saturday, 21.03, 11.15-13.45: my Ashtanga Yoga Workshop on Primary Series*
– Sunday, 22.03, 10.00-11.15: Ashtanga Led Class

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* Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga is called «yoga chikitsa», which means «yoga therapy». The sequence is meant to heal and strenghten the body and the mind by purifying internal organs and developing focus of the practitioner.

In this workshop we will explore the technique of Primary Series so that you can get all the benefits from your regular practice. We will have a look at most important standing and sitting postures and the way they are connected to each other by the breath. We will move through the practice step by step, paying attention to a proper alignment and learning how to work with more challenging poses and modify them if necessary.

The workshop is meant for both beginners starting their ashtanga journey and for more advanced students who want to deepen their
understanding of the practice.

Please register online or via email

Od stycznia 2015 prowadzę zajęcia z Ashtanga Jogi w Living Yoga w Lucernie. Zapraszam do pięknej Szwajcarii!


Jeśli nie masz czasu lub ochoty na zajęcia w grupie, zapraszam na zajęcia prywatne. W tej sprawie proszę o kontakt – ustalimy czas i miejsce odpowiednie dla Ciebie.

Zostało jeszcze parę wolnych miejsc w kameralnej (do 6 osób) wakacyjnej grupie na Ursynowie. Joga regeneracyjna, raczej dla początkujących, którzy chcą zadbać o swoje ciało i głowę w wakacje :) Cykl pięciu zajęć, zaczynamy w poniedziałek 14 lipca. Więcej informacji i zapisy pod numerami 22 644 65 89 i 22 401 82 82. Zapraszam!